Hi, I'm Damian

Software Engineer and amateur blogger

About Me

Professionally, I am a full-stack developer of complex and cloud-native applications, with a strong focus on backend engineering. I am currently working in an IT-Consulting firm focused on telecommunication and networks.

I love spending evenings and weekends learning something new. Topics that have recently spiked my interest include AGI, chaos theory, epistemology, and language-oriented programming.

Check out the section below for my technical projects , my blog to get a sneak-peek into my thoughts, and the contact section provides even more links to explore.

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Projects / Portfolio

Work Experience

Software Developer & IT-Consultant

Current @ Live Reply GmbH

Involved in building microservices in Java and developed a Python/Flask microservice for data validation. Supported in one project as a Test Manager.

Backend Developer

2021 - 2023 @ nexible GmbH

Developed highly secure and scalable Web Services in a service-oriented architecture mainly using Python (Flask, Django, and FastAPI).
Built a Go Microservice for transfering data between several systems.

Duales Studium Wirtschaftsinformatik

2019 - 2022 @ ERGO Insurance

Co-op study program with ERGO, in which I alternated between three-month-long periods of theory at university and work at a company.


  • Main programming languages are Python and JavaScript; Sufficient in Java and Go
  • Web-Development in HTML/CSS/JS for the Frontend
  • Backend-Web-Development in Python (Flask/Django/FastApi)
  • Basics of Machine Learning and Data-Science with pandas, numpy/scipy
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Other Achievements


I strongly believe in the importance of writing. In fact, I have even written a dedicated essay on its importance. While I wouldn't consider myself a great writer, I am proud of the content that I have produced on my blog.

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Machine Learning Bachelorthesis

I have been fascinated by machine learning for a long time. Unfortunately, my bachelor degree was less technical than I initially thought that it would be and therefore I had barely the technical background to dive into ML. I still decided to write my bachelor thesis on an email classifier, which achieved a 66% successrate. This might not sound like a lot, but considering that I had to teach myself everything within a short time span and that I worked with production data from my company, which is often more complex and messy compared to academic datasets, I was still proud of the result.


I really love reading. I my journey began with self-improvement books, but eventually I transitioned into popular science, philosophy and a wide range of non-fiction genres.

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